Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Videos!

Two brand new videos from the album ! The videos were produced by YOUONE PRODUCTIONS

1. The Vigil

Another excellent video, wonderful singing,
story, sound quality, photography, etc...and I
love that's it's a story NOT about some 20-year old...:) 

The video shot for this song is wonderfully
done, paced very well with the song. Lighting,
color and staging are perfect! A great video -
VERY high quality. Bravo!!!!

2. To Love Again

I love this song…I think it’s the love child
of Ben E King and Bruce Springsteen, recorded
in the Brill Building...and the video is masterfully done, simple and understated,
leaving the focus on the song. jddoyle1

Charlie I just love it, probably my favorite
track off your record, but that changes..
LOL Awesome work I just love it man.. ElijahBlack33

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Reviews

Check out the new reviews .....


Ear 2 the Ground Audio 
Review by Adiv Abramson 

Over two years in the making, Charlie K Brown's inaugural CD presents an engaging mix of folk, pop and country musical styles delivered with pathos, passion and power. The CD opens with "To Love Again", its strongest track. This wistful tune penned by Charlie, has all the ingredients of a major commercial hit: a memorable hook, strong melody, eminently singable lyrics and soulful vocals. Dan Zook's sax solo enhances the song with a wonderful, earthy R & B texture. It's quite unusual for a CD to treat the listener to the very best it has to offer right at the start but the subsequent tracks are well worth a listen and deliver solid entertainment. CLICK FOR MORE